Inside Look at DMilaco

Welcome to DMilaco, here is a little info about our store, our history, and our family.
DMilaco was estabilshed in by artist Dennis Miller and wife Lynelle Miller. A talented artist, and art teacher, Dennis was regularly sought out to draw and create artwork for many events, teams, and companies. When he found that screen printing companies were reusing and reprinting his artwork, he decised he should start his own screen printing company, and DMilaco was born. Dennis took the name DMilaco (Dennis MIller and Company) for his new company, as he was already signing his pottery, paintings, drawings, and sculptures by that name. An athlete himself, he was now coaching several sports, including wrestling, pole vaulting, and softball, thus "Sports Fashions" was a perfect fit.
DMilaco quickly grew from a home business, to a store front on 2nd Ave. The dynamic combination of Dennis's artwork, and Lynelle's personable customer service provided service and products that kept customers coming back for more. As DMilaco grew the business employed family, and many employees taken in as family.
DMilaco expanded their products and services to include embroidery, heat press, vinyl cuts, logo packages, promotional items, sports equipment, order forms, banners, disc golf, trikkes, No Crack skin creme, and so much more.
With attention to detail, years of experience, and a desire to deliver the best products to our customers everytime, DMilaco has stood the test of time. DMilaco continues to enjoy the small, local, family-owned atmosphere, while offering top quality artwork, products, and services to our customers.
Call or stop by today to see what we can offer you.
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